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League of Legends Named Print

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This personalised League of Legends styled word art print is the perfect gift for a Dad, Daddy, Grandad, Uncle or Brother or anyone who plays the game. You can have any name on it :-)

The text on the print includes "Pantheon, Vayne, Quinn, Jax, {NAME}, You're in our League of Legends, Veigar, Rakan, Jihn, Ornn, Varus, Trundle, Illaoi, Sion, Shaco, Urgot, Malzahar" followed by your very own (optional) short message.

We will need the following information to personalise your print for you:

  • Name: eg. Daddy, Grandad, Uncle, Samuel etc.
  • Short message to appear at the bottom eg. Love from Alice xxx (optional)
  • Colour (default 'Teal')

So your personalisation details will look like:

  • Name: Daddy
  • Message: Love from Arthur, Willow and Poppy
  • Colour: Red

Suitable for all occasions including Birthdays, Valentines Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day or just a little something to say 'I love you'.

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